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Adhere to the traditional style Visvim Patricia LO-FOLK * FIL Exclusive 2013-12-08 22:27:59 Visvim recent moves constantly, launched a series of new winter 2012 contains several new new. The Visvim's own well-known of & nbsp; Patricia carved wing tip shoes series modeled, build out this latest & nbsp; Patricia LO-FOLK * FIL Exclusive & nbsp; style. The & nbsp; Patricia LO-FOLK * FIL Exclusive Italian leather shoes are built, three color other than black is quite natural leather with texture. Also in the bottom using a Visvim own exclusive technology makes traditional shoes more comfortable in the dress, tough sole and unique Visvim TPU heel fixtures with hand-sewn. It is reported that this shoe is priced at 68, Retro jordans for sale 000 yen.Adidas Originals today officially released its popular shoes City Sock to create a new generation of sequels, this section will also be in the spring of this year on the shelf. The new shoes are still crafted by Primeknit material, supplemented by decorative stripes and uppers, flanks from the collar design, finally carrying signs Boost shock finishing unit. adidas-nmd-city-sock-2-primeknit-BA7189-1.jpg (116.97 KB, download number: 16) download adidas NMD City Sock 2 Primeknit 2017-3-22 08:13 upload adidas-nmd-city-sock-2-primeknit-BA7189-2.jpg (104.21 KB, download number: 14) download adidas NMD City Sock 2 Primeknit 2017-3-22 08:13 upload adidas-nmd-city-sock-2-primeknit-BA7189-3.jpg (104.48 K Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping B, download number: 14) download adidas NMD City Sock 2 Primeknit 2017-3-22 08:13 upload adidas-nmd-city-sock-2-primeknit-BA7189-4.jpg (137.95 KB, download number: 14) download adidas NMD City Sock 2 Primeknit 2017-3-22 08:13 upload adidas-nmd-city-sock-2-primeknit-BA7189-5.jpg (86.72 KB, download number: 14) download adidas NMD City Sock 2 Primeknit 2017-3-22 08:13 Adidas NMD City Sock upload, 2, Primeknit 00In the recently held a press conference, the German shoe industry association chairman Urban said, the second half of this year, the German market price of shoes will be improved, because the EU on the origin of China shoes 16.5% levy anti-dumping tax, Chinese shoes prices increased 14%, the Ger cheap jordans for sale mens man Association of foreign trade wholesalers reduced from the number of China import leather the. In the first half of this year, prices were not affected by the increase in VAT and anti-dumping duties. He believes that in 2007, the German foreign trade Wholesalers Association will continue to reduce the number of imports. If European footwear importers pass the European Union's anti-dumping duties to the retail market, they will lead to a further reduction in the number of leather shoes imported from china. He stressed that since China has become a member of the WTO, it should open its own market as well as other member countries. In the tax levied on Chinese anti-dumping footwear, southern and Northern Europe Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping formed two camps: Italy and Spain and other countries of the footwear industry is an important pillar industry of the country, from the impact of China shoe imports to avoid, and actively support the EU anti-dumping measures; Germany, Austria and Switzerland and other countries will not oppose the measures. Gabor, one of Germany's three largest shoe manufacturers, believes that the impact of German footwear enterprises is insignificant, mainly because German companies are producing sport, health care and leisure footwear only in china. In order to remain competitive, the German footwear industry must improve its supply advantages, which are the shortcomings of southern Europe and the Far East countries. (editor cheap foamposites in chief: admin) Nike latest FootballX small field suit recently has been listed, unlike color common RADIANT those suits and small field set by the black and white minimalist, in stark contrast. what are the characteristics of a small game? Passion, freedom, creativity and color seems to be more suitable for not sticking to formalities, personality full of small players on the field field. But Nike just in the opposite direction, we are expected to, that it's not funny. So in all look RADIANT those colored suits, small game series to more color, simple cannot again simple black and white color, good-looking? Not, unexpectedly? yes?? Perhaps Nike wants is this effect. assassin, ghost card, poison front series ap cheap jordans online pear in the package, and the legendary 6 generation TiempoX maybe we need to wait for some time. Three new color FootballX small field flagship Proximo version has been available through the PDS and Nike's official website to buy (domestic official website only TF version), the price is 125 pounds and 1299 yuan. new color small field series, how do you think? source: enjoyz& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] swept the world as one of Nike brand sports shoes, Nike shoes are imitation is very rampant, because the next line of Nike shoes are usually less physical store discounts , expensive, different places have different dynamics discount, purchase of goods is different, so many consum Cheap air jordans for sale ers prefer to buy online. I encountered a problem, how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes. That exactly how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes do, a lot of Nike foundries, there are China's Dongguan, Kunshan, Putian, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, although the origin is not the same, but the quality is almost all the same; but different price Nike shoes , quality may vary greatly. Here to teach you the recipe for how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes, like Nike shoes want to help fans. The first way: one to one ratio of The most scientific way is to carry out a shoe than a comparison, seeing is believing. will buy Nike shoes and Nike with Num styles (same style, same color) is one of th cheap jordan shoes for men e comparison, such as non-discriminatory, it must be genuine. If there are still nuances may further comparison, because this may be because the nuances of different origin (different plants) and normal differences between different batches of the year, may be the same number, but it may slightly when the material reproduction of the following year adjustment; If you still have doubts, you can make the brand the company confirmed. In the case could not find the same style, the same paragraph with Nike compare different color. The key is to look at the sole difference, if the sole, the basic can be judged as genuine. Because of the difficulty the sole development of the largest, often accounting for more than one Retro jordans for sale -third of the total cost of the shoes, fakes to do the same with the genuine quality, the cost is too high. Note that if you are through the Internet to view the official website of the picture and style than fashion, it is possible because when shooting light and other factors material color. The second way: counter-validation The net purchase of Nike shoes, Nike counters to get the lower line shops were true and false identification, there are three issues, namely, not purchased from the store, the clerk has no obligation to help the non-customer authenticity; the second is often clerk Online shopping has greater resentment, if not an acquaintance, usually deal with the matter; the third is now the store's cheap jordans for sale clerk mobility, a lot of new professional staff and not enough in itself, but Nike launched thousands each year, a shop purchases and sales of Nike styles very limited, the clerk did not understand some of a commodity is also normal. Seen in this light, the inspection counter may not be 100% reliable. If you really want to Nike store or counter inspection, it is recommended: First, he found the same style than serious, I believe their vision; the second is that if you want to ask, do not say it is online shopping, do not disclose the price, to avoid staff motivation frustrated. Third, ask true and false judgment basis, and then judge for themselves accuracy. The third way: the identification submitted by the retailer Nike In general, the company will not be accepted genuine brand identification to apply for individual consumers, the relevant state authorities can not be verified. If you are in making shoes to buy the brand of shoes, in case of the above authentication method still can not be determined, you can contact the customer service staff making shoes, the shoes well after the courier back to the unique mark making shoes, making shoes After determining the shoes by the library name shoes sold by the name of making shoes party to communicate directly with Nike, according to the formal process of official identification. Tip: Currently the most widely circulated on the network designer shoes authenticity identification method, identification method is standard shoes. In fact, shoes standard differential alone is not strict. First, the subject of imitation shoes cost extremely low, when large-scale production of less than 1 cents; secondly, the same brand, even if the style is authentic, because different origin, different plants, different batches, there may be subtle differences in the underlying shoes ; Third, some of the letters and lines to the differences between the level of hasty, different styles, different plants and different production periods, often adjust shoes standard size based on the shoes, leading to subtle changes in character pitch. Therefore, we in the identification of the authenticity of the online shopping designer shoes, not simply by virtue of shoes standard to judge. Everyone understood that the gap between true and false larger shoes, many shoes lovers or "experts" got some identification, "tricks", but Nike, Adidas and other brands and production processes are dynamic changes, there is no universal magic. Internet often can see all kinds of brands of shoes to identify the authenticity of the article, as users of personal opinion, it is recommended when viewing, refer to the above method to identify, not directly as the final criterion. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Danby Merino fast fashion & nbsp; Bao Manning shoes.)

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